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VBA-Active Desktop Gotcha's

VBA and the Digital Dashboard controls...

If using VBA projects in Outlook, you cannot load the folder control in your active desktop before loading Outlook. It causes VBA to be disabled. You cannot run macros or the VB Editor while the controls are active in the desktop, if they loaded before Outlook. You must disable the desktop (right click on it, choose active desktop, choose view as web page and uncheck it) then close Outlook and reopen to have access to the VBE and macros. You may need to use Control+Alt+Del to manually close any instances of Outlook and mapi32 running. Once Outlook is running and you have verified that VBE is accessible, you can restart the desktop display.


1) Com add-ins. They appear to work correctly while the AD is active, especially if Outlook is also opened. Some do not appear to work if outlook is not opened, because they do not load until outlook fully loads.

2) Load Outlook, then set the Active Desktop. The VBE and macros should work.