Calendar and Tasks on Public Folders

In order to replicate the calendar and taskpad view on public folders, you need to create a custom folder homepage that displays those folders.

Outlook's Calendar and Taskpad








Calendar and Taskpad on a folder homepage.Folder Homepage Calendar and Taskpad created using the view control

The Calendar and Taskpad Sample uses the default message store for the controls. To use with public folders, the folder names need changed to the appropriate folder:

<PARAM NAME="Folder" VALUE="\\Public Folders\All Public Folders\Shared Calendar">

To set the page as the folder homepage, Right Click on the folder you want the homepage to be on (or shortcut on the Outlook Bar). It does not have to be the folder the calendar or tasks are in - you can create a new folder in your mailbox if you wish.  Choose "Properties" from the right click menu.

Select the Home Page tab and enter the location of the web page. It can either be on a web server to you local drive. This example uses a web server on the local network. Remember to check the box to use by default, Outlook 2002 does not have an alternate method of showing or hiding the page, Outlook 2000 has a Show Folder homepage option on the View menu that toggles the page display off and on.