Windows 2000 Index Search Web Part

This web part takes advantage of the Windows Indexing Service and allows you to search your index. It's very basic and only searches by file name, but it's a good base to start for your own search web part.

Two pages are needed. The first is one called query.asp and contains the meat of the search as well as controls the page design of the results. You will need to edit the text to point to your index folder. The search is very basic and is intended to give you an idea of what is possible with digital dashboards.


The page returned with the results of the search will look like this:

The code for this asp search goes into the the dashboard itself as embedded content. If you right click on it, you should be able to view the source of just the embedded content, which you can copy and paste into your dashboard. It calls query.asp and passes the keywords used in the search to the query. (There is currently no database for the query to search on the DigiDashLive server, an error will be returned if you click the Go button. If the search was working, the results would replace the search form.)