Using the MSNBC Weather Part

The MSNBC weather part doesn't seem to always work right. Early kits included a bad script and you needed to correct the URL so that it pointed to the correct server. I believe it's fixed in v2.01.

If you tried using a zip code and discovered it doesn't work, it's because only city names are supported, even though the part says to use name or zip code. No country or state is needed, just the city. Bristol will bring up all the cities named Bristol  that have weather available and you select the correct one.

If the dashboard is being used with a FQDN ( the weather part may not work correctly. Test it using the Netbios name and see if it works, if it still doesn't, then something else is wrong.

(Exchange 2000's OWA has a similar problem when accessing Public Folders using the FQDN. A script correcting the PF problem is here.)